Wesak Festival provides us with a special opportunity for us to experience the intense love of God for humanity and is considered by many traditions to be the most powerful full moon of the year. Celebrating in a group is exceptional and brings down tremendous amounts of Divine Energy to receive physical healing, to purify the aura, and to bless our projects.

You are invited to view the 2017 Wesak Festival  ​lecture and meditation LIVE from Manila, right here at the center Wednesday May 10th.   Light snacks and refreshments for all those who wish to join us for this very special event.  Please wear comfortable clothing, bring a list of goals you'd like energized and if you use special meditation tools such as a mala, cushion, blanket, etc., bring it.

 The store will be closed during the celebration so please make sure you arrive at least 15 minutes early to get settled in before lecture begins at 5:00pm.  Please call the store to RSVP at

For more information on the planned lecture and how we celebrate  the Wesak moon, follow the linkread more

Wednesday 5/17 ~ 7:00pm

Shows you how to consistently make the right choices in your life, allowing your body's intelligence to guide you.  It can show you how to live not according to rules, advice and opinions of others, but as an original human being, as yourself.

Teen Spirit​​

Sacred Geometry Lv 1​​

The Medicine Wheels are Ancient Bodies of Knowledge that help us to explore and examine our world. Each of the Medicine Wheels are unique, while at the same time they build upon one another in what is known as "spherical mathematics". The knowledge and understanding of these wheels and the mathematics behind them enable us to hold deeper understandings of ourselves and the Living World.

Human Design​​

Saturday 5/20 & 5/21

Sacred Geometry is the study of the patterns that are inherent in Nature. All of Nature is Geometry - from our cells that multiply to make the complexity of our human body, to the mysterious unfurling of a leaf as it reaches for the Sun, to the movement of the Earth around the Sun. All of it is geometric patterning.

This 2 day workshops assists those in attendance to open to the power beneath our feet, the Living Earth, and to help to use that Energy to enhance our senses and improve our experiences of Life. Through learning how to open the Four Clairs – Clairvoyance (Clear sight), Clairaudience (Clear hearing), Clairsentience (Clear feeling) and Claircognizance (Clear knowing) as well as hands-on techniques of moving Energy, and through the exploration of broadening our Senses.

Travel with us to distant lands to explore some of the traditions around the world.  Retreat provides interesting history and other activities designed to educate and inspire the mind, body and soul. 

Day begins at 10:00 am includes vegetarian lunch along with all the supplies necessary to make for an outstanding journey. Yoga, meditation, music/movement, and memories.

The Medicine Wheel - The Children's Earth Count

May 9th from 7pm to 9pm. This is the introduction to the Medicine wheels where the Children's Earth Count and the Earth Count will be explored. These Medicine wheels help us to understand how the Earth was formed and prepared for Humans to live.

The Medicine Wheel - The Four Powers of the Human Self

May 16th from 7pm to 9pm. In this lecture, we will be exploring the ideas and feelings that become our story. With this recognition, we can begin to rise out of the limiting beliefs and emotions so that we might be the Powerful Self we are meant to be.

The Medicine Wheel - The Powers of the Four Directions

May 23rd from 7pm to 9pm. Once we have a greater understanding of our Powerful Self, we can go out into the world in a far more impactful manner. This section on the Power of the Four Directions offers insight as to how the directions coincide with the different stages of life, as well as how this information can be practically applied to further your own development.